Monday, December 12, 2016

Best Foot Forward - Yoga Therapy for Foot & Ankle Well Being

This is a 46 minute yoga therapy based class which may help with foot, arch & ankle pain, and some foot conditions like arthritis or plantar fascitis. Be mindful this is a class of a general nature and may not suit your specific needs. See you health professional for guidance.

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Diabetes and Yoga therapy

Videos by Dr. B.K. Bandre (Ph.D, D.Lit) Yoga therapist

Yoga therapy with life style modifications

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Scoliosis is a very common condition, which involves spinal deviations and can cause great pain and disability in every day life. Having worked with scoliosis through the Kaya Yoga method, I have seen great improvements in severe conditions. We apply Vayu's, breathing techniques and particular poses in order to create balance and stability in the spinal column. Try this at home if you're suffering from pain due to scoliosis.

Aerial Yoga Suspension Training & Inversion Therapy - Back Care and Core Workout by Omni Gym

The producers of Forbes Living are excited to announce their Omni Gym as the new featured segment for part of their “Fitness Forward” series. The half-hour talk show is hosted by Forbes Riley, an author, entrepreneur, award-winning TV host in the D2C industry, and one of the nation’s leading health and wellness experts.

Omni Gym is a family owned and operated company known for their inventions of the Yoga Swing™ and the Omni Gym™. We are dedicated to helping people achieve mastery of the body and mind as well as to heal physical dysfunction and pain utilizing a variety of innovative therapeutic-fitness tools and techniques created by movement pioneer, physical therapist and yoga swing inventor, Tone Cardenas.

The Omni Gym™ takes multi-FUNctionality to whole new levels as it allows one to effectively perform stretching, aerial yoga, inversion therapy and procurs self-treatment of neck and back pain. It also allows for suspension strength training that induces more balance, coordination, and muscle fiber recruitment than any other kind of fitness equipment or technique out there.

The Omni Gym family is happy and excited to be on the Forbes Living show and to have this wonderful opportunity to share their most popular health and fitness tool with a much larger audience. They love being of service helping people to relieve back pain and physical dysfunction, to increase strength and flexibility, and to improve brain function.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Introduction to yoga

This is an introductory Nithya Yoga Practice session. This is filmed on Nithya Yoga students during their practice sessions. Nithyananda Foundation or Life Bliss Foundation or Nithya Yoga Foundation is not responsible for your practice.